I live in my hometown of Bellingham, WA. after spending quite a few years working as a professional musician out of Los Angeles, after getting out of the U.S. Navy in 1961.

My stint in the Navy was mostly at Pensacola, Fl. where I played Alto sax and clarinet.

I did quite a bit of arranging of music for our 30 piece band, which included combos and a swingin’ big band.  Saved up some funds and attended the old Los Angeles Conservatory near MacArthur Park in L.A.  School got a little boring and opportunities came along, so went on the road with the Johnny Mathis tour.  I did a couple of these as well as Shindig and Hullabaloo shows.  Joined the Sy Zentner band in Las Vegas and traveled the country.

Eventually settled down in So. Cal. doing commercial recording dates and some private instruction.  After all the earthquakes and protests and riots, etc., decided to leave for Washington State and have never gone back for any reason.  Earned a Masters Degree from WWU and taught music for a while, and even formed a big band in the 90’s to play my charts as well as other charts by writers I admired.

Presently I keep busy arranging music for vocalists with big band, as well as special music for concert band.  I also have formed recently a 14 piece band which specializes in Maynard Ferguson’s music of the 50’s and 60’s.  Great music by Slide Hampton, Don Sebesky, Willy Maiden, Mike Abene, and others!  Strictly concert music – thank you – we don’t play for dancing!