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This is the post excerpt.


Looks like a sunset off of the California Coast somewhere.  If someone wants to write a nice piece of music to accompany this photo, I’ll post the mp3 here.  Jazz improvised solos?  Who has the definitive approach or can give us an outline? I’m just learning to navigate around on this site, so please bear with me while I learn the process.


Author: sorensensound

Retired professional musician.

4 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. Things to consider – 1. Length of the solo space given. 2. Ballad, Medium swing, latin, up swing, or other tempo and rhythm. 3. Range, as far as beginning and ending the solo. 4. Style, whether fairly diatonic or dissonance.

    Concerning number 1. If you have a long solo to perform, you should probably pace yourself so as not to burn out or exhaust yourself by doing too much at the outset.
    A good ad-libed solo is a miniature composition in itself. Normally starting in a moderate range on your instrument – building to some sort of climax 3/4 of the way through – final phrase wraps up the previous music in a satisfying manner making the solo sound complete.

    Concerning number 2. This should almost be an obvious choice as to whether you need to play a mellow, exciting, or swinging solo dependent upon what is suitable for the style of music you are playing.

    Concerning number 3. Most solos are not started at the extreme range of your instrument. Starting at a middle range with the main body of the solo climaxing to a high point 3/4 of the way through, or possibly at the very end would be one way.
    If the band comes in loud at the end of your solo, it is best to have your solo build to that point. Conversely, this is also true if there is a softer section after your solo.

    Concerning number 4. If you are playing the changes to a big band hit such as Basies’ One O’Clock Jump, you should play something suitable for the style.
    If you are playing Oliver Nelsons’ music, your solo should fit that more modern style as well.


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