Just a word or two about what I believe too many musicians take for granted, namely “chromatic triplets”.  I’m talking about being fluid in their use.  We all have practiced at some point in our musical development – the chromatic scale, but not many have really made use of it.

The realization that between all minor thirds you can play a chromatic triplet between the chord tones, having the chord tones fall on the beat.  Ex. – in a D7b9 chord lets go from the note “C” to “C#” to “D” to “Eb”.  The 8th note triplet being C-C#-D up to Eb.   And back down again gives us Eb-D-Db to C.   It would be good in my opinion if musicians would practice all of these chromatic triplets (where ever they occur on your instrument) utilizing the note names consistent with rising or falling of the triplet,, and correct spelling of the triplet.  In the example above we also would have F# to A, and A to C.  To take these fragments from the chromatic scale and run them up and down smoothly will help develop fingering, and technique.  To recognize instantly the minor third interval is the first step, then you know what the choice is, and whether or not to use it!



Author: sorensensound

Retired professional musician.

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